Justin Bieber Releases Take on VNV Nation’s “Tomorrow Never Comes”

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The 1980s saw the rise of a variety of electronic music, much of which was enjoyed by members of the goth and rivethead subcultures. In the early years, electronic body music, or EBM, rose to popularity in Europe. This music is sometimes described as minimal. It’s touted for its clear vocals and danceable beats. Notable groups included Front 242, from Belgium, Nitzer Ebb and Cabaret Voltaire. Of course, as music is likely to do, other genres incorporated elements of EMB, giving way to new styles. One such genre is industrial music, which continues to be have a following today; although, it has never been considered mainstream. In fact, industrial and EMB music often go hand in hand, and they were enjoyed by many rave-goers. Industrial differs from the clean sounds of EBM because it users more layers. This gives it a sound that is generally more complex. Industrial bands like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly rose to popularity in the late 1980s and early 90′s. EBM’s clean vocals faded from the club scene, while industrial’s harsher sounds and distorted vocals rose in popularity. Worldwide bands began to join the scene thanks to the foundation laid by its predecessors, EBM groups. Learn more about the music industry with DirectStarTV.

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Swedish Electropop Trio Futuro Releases “Days of Make Up”

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Swedish Electro Pop Trio Futuro Releases “Days of Make Up”

The Background of Futuro
Core members Daniel Ahlgren, Marcus Dennerstedt and Andreas Saefstroem in Stockholm, Sweden formed Forturo. “Days of Make Up” is the latest studio album release by the group. In the past, Futuro has released numerous extended players and has performed through the Sweden music scene. The band is best known for combining elements of electro, pop and industrial sounds together. For over a decade, Furturo has been gradually developing their sound.

Overview of “Days of Make Up”
“Days of Make Read more…

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