Swedish Electropop Trio Futuro Releases “Days of Make Up”

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Swedish Electro Pop Trio Futuro Releases “Days of Make Up”

The Background of Futuro
Core members Daniel Ahlgren, Marcus Dennerstedt and Andreas Saefstroem in Stockholm, Sweden formed Forturo. “Days of Make Up” is the latest studio album release by the group. In the past, Futuro has released numerous extended players and has performed through the Sweden music scene. The band is best known for combining elements of electro, pop and industrial sounds together. For over a decade, Furturo has been gradually developing their sound.

Overview of “Days of Make Up”
“Days of Make Read more…

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Kirlian Camera Returns with “Immortal” EP

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One band that has certainly made waves in underground music circles is Kirlian Camera. If you don’t already know, Kirlian Camera is one of the most influential bands in the dark wave genre. Dark wave is in essence a much darker and more evil version of new wave and similar post-punk music genres.

Kirlian Camera was and still is an innovating band in this genre. Originating from their home country of Italy, Kirlian Camera first made waves in the synth-pop scene all the way back in 1980. Read more…

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